CIPANGO Goes to Paris!

Bonjour! Have you ever dreamt of holding your samurai soul in your daily lives? Well, we are coming your way to make this happen. CIPANGO will be taking a big leap to Paris, the world of design, beauty and art at the Maison et Objet 2015 exhibition held from Jan. 23rd to 27th. From the heart of Japan in Kyoto, we will introduce you to MIYAKE who turns samurai armor wear into beautifully designed contemporary bags and products, applying the ancestral production technique of Kyoto dolls.

MIYAKE reaches deep into the soul of Japan

Artisan Keisuke Miyake, with his upbringing from traditional Japanese doll craft from centuries ago, dedicates to pass on the esthetics of true samurai culture allowing a completely new portable approach integrating detailed hand knitted samurai armor wear craft with rich colors and design.

Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Politeness, Truthfulness, Honor, Loyalty. The 7 codes of the samurai have always strongly resonated in our imagination as the ultimate code of ethics. The armor of the samurai, while designed to impress, inspire and respect is to embody those values. Now CIPANGO is honored to share the opportunity to match those values with your daily lifestyle and to carry with you a part of Japanese history.

CIPANGO in Maison et Objet in Paris

CIPANGO will be attending the MIYAKE booth throughout the exhibition at your service to represent sales and marketing for international business as well as personal interests of MIYAKE products. So please take this rare opportunity to come around to get the real feel and look of samurai armor crafts. This precious craft is without saying, an incomparable brand value to add to your original life style.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris to share this exciting opportunity to discover MIYAKE’s amazing bags and crafts lifting your samurai spirit by visiting Maison et Objet exhibition in Paris! Should you have any MIYAKE purchase and/or business inquiries, you are more than welcome to go to for more information.

More News:

One of the oldest form of chair known as the Windsor chair has been revived out of Hinoki trees from Nishiawakura village, Okayama prefecture. The HINOKI WINDSOR caught great attention from domestic and international buyers at the last IFFT (International Furniture Festival Tokyo) in November 2014. We CIPANGO are pleased to introduce the WINDSOR CHAIR following our beloved CHABUDAI from YOUBI.
A newly born bag carrying tradition woven with true Samurai Spirits!
Mr. Miyake, second generation of the renowned Kyoto doll craftsmen brings life back to “Kacchu”(or armor wear), a light steel material once worn by Samurais, woven into a stylish leather bag. This Samurai Armor Wear Bag just came back from one of Europe’s largest product exhibition Maison et Objet held in France, receiving great interest from top buyers around the world. And now, we are pleased to be able to introduce the Samurai Armor Wear Bag available here from CIPANGO!
CIPANGO@Maison et Objet… in Paris!
CIPANGO successfully delivered Samurai spirits from Kyoto at Maison et Objet, welcomed with numerous exhibition rows revealing top trends of 2015. A one and only samurai armor craft carefully woven into interior design and handbags were definitely an appeal to the top buyers and press making the next mark in stylish living. Click here and enjoy the rest of our news!
Konnichiwa! We are pleased to inform you that CIPANGO is now LIVE in Japanese! For those who reside in Japan and would like to purchase any CIPANGO products, you can simply visit our site and order for delivery any where in Japan. With our extended search around Japan for outstanding artisan products, we are sure that you will find your special choice to compliment your lifestyle. Please come and visit our original visual story to enjoy the whole product experience!
Welcome to CIPANGO!
Welcome to CIPANGO! We are finally kicking off to introduce our carefully selected items through our visual stories to you internationally. We are a team of business development, music and visual production who came together to introduce you to our carefully hand picked products.