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Finally, A Proper Means to Your Hand
millefoglie wallet in yellow
Designed with the love of leather beauty and ultimate satisfaction

Deriving from a passion to create the perfect wallet, “millefoglie” was born focusing on the ultimate beauty and usage of what a quality leather wallet needs in our modern life. Inspired by the all time favorite Mille-feuille French pastry, “Mille” as in million in Italian and “foglie” as in leaves brings us a minimalist yet innovative approach what a one layered leather can fold in. Metals and zippers were eliminated inside by carefully designing a smooth opening that invites cards, coins and paper money compartments in one go. A post knob was applied for a hand felt closing method to maintain a traditional leather wallet feel.

Despite its hassle free compact design, you can put up to 15 credit cards worth in one compartment proving well thought practicality. By sticking to a minimalist approach with an ultimate smooth usage, “millefoglie” has kept a solid satisfaction to the users who share the same quest. The success roots to Yuichiro Murakami, the craftsman of “millefoglie” who comes from an oddly but precious experience as a former qualified first class architect that lead him in creating a perfect leather wallet you can live comfortably with…in style.

"Nurturing" leather by M+

Murakami’s atelier and shop “M+”, pronounced ‘M piu’ in Italian, was founded in 2001 in the heart of Tokyo in Kuramae where many craftsmen gather today. Murakami’s creation is influenced by his leatherworks training in Italy. After his return, he went through extended trial and learning with continuous improvement of every detail until he reached his popular “millefoglie”. Murakami’s choice of Italian tanned leather reflects his devotion of how it evolves beautifully with smooth aging. The brand name “M” stands for Murakami himself or the craftsmen and “+” suggests that leather goods complete its perfection embracing the craftsmen, the leather, “plus” the user.

“A crafted wallet meets the user who compliments true value through nurturing its evolving expression… “explains Murakami with content showing us his aged wallet with a warm glow.

Yuichiro Murakami designed all of the wonderfull millefoglie leather wallets
Asakusa, Tokyo
Kuramae, a charming destination where 'Old' meets 'New'

Kuramae is walking distance from one of the most popular sight seeing area in Asakusa, Tokyo. Unlike busy Asakusa, Kuramae is calm yet becoming a trendy town known as a “craftsmen” center alongside with traditional shops where you can still feel “Old” Japan. The establishment of “Designer’s Village” by repurposing an old elementary school promising artisans to train themselves brought “New” attraction to the quarter for upcoming craftsmen. Murakami is one of the first to serve as an apprentice from Designer’s Village before he opened his shop M+.

Adding to this new movement for craftsmen, “Monomachi” is an event promoting unity of crafts (or Mono) and the city (or Machi). Kuramae literally means “In front of”(Mae) “rice warehouse”(Kura) originally being the largest rice storage protected under the Edo shogunate ruling. The rice was transported conveniently from the nearby port along Sumida river. Several historical shrines and temples, such as the Torigoe Shrine linked to the head of the samurai clan, reside in Kuramae which adds charm to this evolving district. A must-go area next time you are in Tokyo especially for those who crave for crafts.

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